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Cookie Policy


Cookies are text files stored by computers or mobile devices when you visit a website. These tools are commonly used for website operation or efficiency, also by means of collecting personal user data. When browsing a website, users can receive cookies from this website or various web servers on their terminal (“third-party” cookies). “Session cookies” are assigned to the user’s device only for the duration of access to the site, and automatically expire when the browser is closed. Other cookies, called “persistent”, remain in the device for an extended period of time. The cookies used on this site are listed below, with some related information:

Technical cookies
These are cookies that are specifically used for the proper operation and use of our site. For example, technical cookies are used for the user login function. The use of the aforementioned cookies by the owner and the related processing activities do not require the prior consent of the user, as they are necessary to render the content published on this site available. The data subject can always disable these applications through browser settings; however, their deactivation may compromise some or all browsing functions.

Third-Party Cookies

The processing of personal data resulting from the use of third-party cookies is not the responsibility of the owner. For more information and to disable third-party profiling cookies, visit

Analytics cookies
These are cookies used for statistical analysis, site improvement and simplification, and to monitor proper site operation. This type of cookie collects information about user activity on the site, and can be provided by third parties. For more information and to disable third-party analytics cookies,


Google Analytics

This website uses Google Analytics, an analysis service supported by Google, which helps websites understand how to customise pages to improve the user experience. The service uses cookies to track your actions, including the time spent on our website and the pages you visit. No personal data about you is collected with our Google Analytics account. This means that we are unable to identify people who visit our site. Visit the official Google Analytics for more information.


Google Adwords Remarketing

We use Google AdWords Remarketing for Internet advertising. The AdWords remarketing program allows relevant advertisements to be displayed based on the pages you visit on our website. This information is collected by a cookie placed on your computer. With the Google AdWords Remarketing program, we are able to customise our marketing to meet your needs and only show you advertisements that match your interests.


The following cookies are used on this site:



Data Provision – Disabling Cookies

With the exception of technical cookies required for normal browsing, the user is able to give consent to the use of third-party cookies after having read the brief disclosure in a banner, and use the services that involve the installation of cookies; this consent can be revoked at any time, as indicated above. The links below explain how to disable cookies for the most popular browsers (for other browsers that may be used, we suggest that you search the software help section):


Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome: IT&answer=95647&p=cpn_cookies;
Mozilla Firefox: US&redirectslug=Blocking+cookies;

Apple Safari:

In addition to being able to use the tools provided by the browser to enable or disable individual cookies, the website lists the main providers that work with website managers to collect and use information that is useful for behavioural advertising purposes. You can disable or enable all companies, or adjust preferences for each individual company. To do this, you can use the tool available at to view the behavioural advertising preferences active on your device.


Rights of the data subject

Data subjects may also contact the data controller by e-mail to obtain any further information on the processing activities performed and exercise the rights provided for by Regulation EU 16/679. All data subjects are requested to view the privacy policy of this site.

The data controller is Florida SRL – Via Damiano Chiesa, 8 – 38066 Riva del Garda – P.IVA 00633010228 from whom all relevant information can be requested.