Lake Garda, the perfect place for your sports holiday

Here you can find all you need to satisfy your love of the outdoor life: luxuriant nature, excellent services, cutting-edge facilities and a long-standing tradition of hospitality. You bring your passion for sport, we’ll take care of the rest.


An outdoor paradise

Each year hundreds of thousands of sports lovers choose the Garda Trentino area to take part in sports and to enjoy an active holiday.

They’re drawn here by the unique characteristics of the area: its position, faraway from the chaos of the big cities, its stunning landscapes that take your breath away, its climate, as mild in summer as in winter, its services, expertly managed by people who have made hospitality their mission.


A spectacle staged every day of the year

At Lake Garda the meeting of water and mountains, sun and wind creates the most unique and spectacular of landscapes. Every sunrise here is a new adventure, every sunset a memory that will be engraved in your heart.



So many ways to enjoy sport

From water sports to climbing, from mountain biking to trekking: Lake Garda truly has everything for all who seek to experience the excitement of sport to the full. Take up the challenge and get set for the most special of holidays.


Arco and the nearby area is a real paradise for lovers of climbing. Explore the many rock faces and via ferratas in the area and discover the Climbing Stadium.


Relaxed cycling lanes or steep hairpin bends, excursions by mountain bike or thrilling downhill tracks, in the Garda Trentino you'll find everything you need to satisfy your urge to cycle.


If you love walking you'll find that the Lake Garda area offers a huge choice of paths: through olive groves, between castles and historic houses, or along the steep mountainsides skirting the lake.


Sun, water and wind are the ingredients that make Garda Trentino the perfect location for windsurfing and kitesurfing. Bring your own equipment or rent it on the spot.


Unfurl your sails and place your trust in the majestic power of the wind. The lake offers spectacular sailing conditions, with lots of specialist centres along the coast.


Feel the excitement of exploring the narrow gorges carved out by alpine torrents. In the Garda Trentino area you'll find lots of routes suitable for both adults and children.

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